Change Centers(C), Right(R) and Left(L) Wing Players to Forwards(F) or Visa Versa

A number of pools want to sort by position and then by points. If the sorting method for the teams are set to sort by Player Type, players are first sorted by their position type, then by points. However, many pools want all the forwards sorted together regardless of wether they are C,R, or L. In pools where all of C,R, and L score the same, this feature enables you to bulk-change all C,R, or L players to Forwards, or conversely, change them from Forwards back to their recorded NHL positions.

By selecting the button, any C,R, or L players found will be switched to the F position, and any F position players will be swapped to C,R, or L depending on what is in our database.

Things to Watch Out For

Be sure that you have scoring set for Forwards on the Configure Point Scoring page.
The code assumes you are fulling in one state or the other. So if you have a mixture of F and C,R, and L players already, this will just swap each back and forth and you'll remain in the mixture situation. To remedy this, edit the players by hand via Initialize & Edit Pool or Edit Players.

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