Box Draft Charts

There are a number of features and charts that are specific to Box Draft Pools. If you have a box draft, go to the Admin Page and select Customize Charts. Check on the "Box Draft" check-box and then the following charts will be available, and/or change their appearance.

Team-by-Team Charts Show Player's Rank In Their Box

Each team will now show the Rank In Box of each player you chose for your team. For example, in the image below, the superscript 3 next to Crosby means he is currently the 3rd ranked player in the box where you selected him.

Box Draft: Best Possible Team

Ever wondered what is the best possible team you could have selected in your box draft? Well, wonder no more. Add this chart to your Daily Stats Page. In the image below, the chart shows each Category's top scorer (or multiple scorers if you allow multiple selections in any of the boxes -see Goalmouth Hero below).

Full Box Draft Scoring

Want to see the scoring for each of the boxes? The "Full Box Scoring" button as shown in the image above will take you to your pool's personallized boxes, showing you the stats of all players in each box you had to select from. An example is shown below. Of course, as with most of our charts, hovering over an injured player will pop-up their injury report, and you can sort on any stats column by clicking on that column's header in the actual chart.

Top Scorers Chart Display Changes

The Top Scorers Chart will change to show you the percentage of teams that selected each of the Top Scorers. If only one Poolie selected a particular player, that Poolie's team name will be shown.

Box Draft Shared Players Chart

Want to know how many players you selected in common with your biggest rival? Not a problem. See the "Team-by-Team Shared Players Chart" button in the image above? Clicking it will take you to a match up page showing the brilliant selections you made that your rival shamelessly copied. In the example chart below, you can see that Glenn and John share 2 players.
Hover your mouse over each number to see the names of the players they share.
John Chad Tim Jakub Jay Kevin Dean
Glenn 2753645
Dean 153334
Kevin 14757
Jay 1687
Jakub 145
Tim 23
Chad 1
Highest number of shared players is 8 shared by:
Jay & Tim,

Box Draft Most Common Drafts

Which players were most popularly selected in your pool's box draft? This chart shows you the most popular picks all the way down to the least popular.

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