Head-to-Head Matchups

Run a pool where you create a season and your poolie's teams go head-to-head for standings points.

The link to set this up for your pool is on the Admin Page, under Top Scorers Pools, as shown below.

On that page, you can create an initial head-to-head weekly schedule for your pool. Since the first games of the season are generally on Wednesdays, clicking the check box to Shorten first week to end on first Monday during Create Matchups is recommended. Once the check box is selected, press Create Matchups.

A schedule where all teams meet every other team is generated with a schedule break marker where the matchups repeat. In pools with an odd number of poolies, one (different) team each week will be idle. You can edit each segment by clicking on the button next to the Edit this segment. Points for the results of the matchups can be set at the top of this page.

Once the schedule and points are set, then the Head-to-Head standings will appear on the Daily Stats Page instead of Current Standings (which are irrelevant for this type of pool. There is also the link to Show Head-to-Head Matchups

On the Show Head-to-Head Matchups page, the Current Head-to-Head standings are at the top followed by the scheduled matchups. Next to each completed, or in-progress matchup, is a link to see scoring by each player by day.

The Scorers page for each matchup shows how each player has scored on each day. Top Scorers pools (Top Scorer notice at top of chart and red exclamation marks next to player scores) and Trades are respected (date ranges).

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