Only Count Your Top Scoring Players

We provide the ability to have only your top point getting players contribute to the team scoring.

For example, many pools have you draft 10 players but only the top 8 scorers count. Or you draft 10 forwards, 5 defencement and 2 goalies, but only the top 6 forwards, top 3 defencemen and the best goalie count toward your team's total.

On the Administration page, go to "Top Scorers Pools". There you will find an array of fields allowing you to specify the number of Any Players, Skaters, Forwards, Centers, Left Wingers, Right Wingers, Defencemen, Goalies, Penalty, Boneheads, Any Team, TeamA, TeamB, TeamC, TeamD, TeamE, and/or TeamF which count towards your team total points.

An Any Player is a player of any position, including a goalie.
A Skater is any player who is not a goalie. (ie. a Forward, Defence, Center, Left, Right, Bonehead, Penalty)
A Forward is any Forward, Center, Left or Right Winger.
We also provide Penalty and Bonehead position types for additional scoring varieties, and 3 Custom Player Types ( A B and C) for further options, click here for more info on scoring.

The total number of players to count must be less than the number of players you drafted or it will be ignored.

Once you select this option and have updated your pool, the players who are involved in the points scoring (ie. in your top number of players) are indicated by the "Round Drafted" number in Bold at the start of the line in the Team By Team chart.

Points Last Night and Top Scorers Pools

Every year questions arise on several Top Scoring Pools where they think the PLN is cheating them out of points. We would like to assure everyone that the PLN column is correct, however, it can be unintuitive as to why that is.

Lets say for your pool today, Team Darryl shows that his scoring players scored 5 points last night, but his Top Scorers PLN is only 4. How can that be?

Well here's the deal:

Yesterday Darryl had 45 points total (minus one player, Frolov, who had 1 point) = 44 total Top Scorers points
Today, Darryl has 50 points total (minus one player, Carter, who has 2 points) = 48 total Top Scorers points
Frolov scored 2 points, so he now has 3 total, one more than Carter, so Carter is now bumped off the scoring team. So you're adding Frolov's 3 points to the team, but subtracting Carter's 2 points for a net gain of only 1 point on your scoring team.

Top Scorers pools with trades: merge player points

Go to Configure Trade Settings and select Combine Points of Traded Players and press Save.


Great you say, but how do I set it up for our pool? Well, in general, start with specific requirements. If you MUST have a Goalie or Defence on your team, enter those number first, then fill in the less specific numbers.

Some Examples:

Situation 1 Our pool drafts 15 players both Forwards and Defencemen, and we count the top 10, but two of the top 10 MUST be Defencemen, we can count more than two Defencemen, but there must be at least 2 counted (ie. the top scorers could be 7 F and 3 D).
Setup: To set up this scoring, enter 2 under Defence and 8 under Any Skater. Since there must be 2 Defence, it will fill those slots first, then look for the top 8 scorers regardless of position.

Situation 2 Our pool drafts 12 players, and counts the top 8, two must be Defence, one a Goalie and the other 5 Forwards.
Setup: Enter 2 for Defence, 1 for Goalie and 5 for Forwards.

Situation 3 Our pool drafts 20 players, but only counts the top 17 regardless of position.
Setup: Enter 17 in the Any Player field.