Customizing Charts

The Pool Administrator can customize which charts appear on which days, or if those charts appear at all.
The Pool Administrator can also specify how many of which type of player should appear on the Best Undrafted Team.

1) Log in with the pool administrator's password to the Administration Page. Go to the "Customize Charts" link.

2) Check 'ON' the day(s) of the week you wish each chart to appear.

3) Check 'OFF' the day(s) of the week you do not wish each chart to appear.

4) If you wish to see the best undrafted team reflect the type of team you drafted, specify the number of each type of player the undrafted team should contain. (Note that in the days leading up to the All-Star break, the undrafted team will dis-regard your format choice and display the Top 100 scorers. The format will be respected again after the All-Star break.) Of course the full undrafted player list is always available using the tab link at the top right of the Daily Stats Page.

5) Once you have done this, press "Update" or "Save" buttons to make sure all the changes so far have been recorded.